A year later, another look at Home Depot and Lowes….

by dmcsorley on May 28, 2010

Well, it’s that time again, Memorial Day weekend is here and I thought I would take another look at how Home Depot and Lowe’s are doing via Social Media/Twitter. Here’s the post from last year.

First, let’s compare how many are following each Twitter account:

Home Depot has 22, 350 followers and is following 21, 022.
Lowe’s has 7,355 followers and is following 3,700.

Home Depot now has a team of people helping with the social media work, so you can see how serious they are about social media. Another plus to me. I also like the fact that HD follows back most of the people that are following them. Lowe’s – not so much.

Second, Home Depot is still leading the way with interactions between customers, either positive or negative comments. I am very impressed with how they improving their in store experience and really listening to their customers. More about this later.

Lowe’s is doing an ok job, much better then last year, but they still need to improve. Many of their responses regarding negative comments are the same. Very robotish, which almost makes it sound like they really don’t care. “Doug, I’m sorry to hear about your store experience. We’d like to know more. You can reach us here: ”

Third, in store experience, I mentioned last year that if I have the choice, I usually go to Lowe’s over Home Depot. But I have tell you, the past two months, I’ve chosen to spend my money at Home Depot. Part of it is that they had some of the products I was looking for, but I have to say, both times I was there, I was greeted by employees and they were very helpful. I’m not taking anything away from Lowe’s because I still enjoy going to their store, but HD is impressing me with the improvements they are making. Keep it up Home Depot.

So, there you have it, how both Lowe’s and Home Depot are doing via social media one year later.

Final Grade, Home Depot A- and Lowe’s C+. Maybe I’ll do another review next year. Have a great Memorial Day Weekend.

Happy Memorial Day

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