My class interview with Nicole Bostel

by dmcsorley on March 23, 2013

This blog posting is for my PR class assignment!!!

Contact: Nicole Bostel, University of Denver – Director of Media Relations

Background: (via LinkedIn)

Thanks to Professor Hancock, I was introduced to Nicole Bostel. She manages the day-to-day aspects of the University of Denver’s athletic media relations department for 17 D1 sports teams including the lacrosse team (perfect fit for me to interview her). Due to her busy schedule and time difference, email was the best way to interview Nicole.

Here are the questions in bold, along with Nicole’s answers:

What are your responsibilities and how do these responsibilities integrate with marketing and business objectives for the University of Denver?

I am responsible for managing and directing the DU Athletics and Recreation Media Relations staff. I am responsible for staffing and training of the staff as well as making sure we are following the global mission of the athletics and recreation department along with the University of Denver’s. I work closely with the communications staff for the University of make sure that we are cross promoting our events and finding ways to work together for the overall DU brand. I personally also manage the media relations for the women’s basketball, volleyball and nationally ranked men’s lacrosse team.

What methods of communications does the organization use to reach their public?

We have a tough media market because we have every possible pro team imaginable here in the Denver metro area. So our job of reaching our public has become more focused on using our platforms that we manage. We use for all of our news and we then use our social media channels to promote what we post to our website. We use Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Instagram as our primary channels.

What are some examples of communications strategies you have used to achieve success?

We try to make sure that we communicate from the top-down. Meaning, that we want to make sure that everything is consistent and stream lined. We have made it a point that all communication with our public has to go through our media relations office. This helps keep the messaging consistent and concise. This has trained our fans to make sure that they are always checking and/or our social media channels for the most accurate news.

We also have adopted the mindset that “We are our own Media.” Even though we continue to work with our partners in the local and regional media markets, we have to adjust to the changing times that these outlets are shrinking. We have to be proactive in getting our message out to our publics by using our own channels and telling our own story.

How has the public relations practice affected the reputation of your organization?

We have a very positive working relationship with our media partners and networks. One of the reasons why this is the case is because we allow access to our coaches and student-athletes. We want to have a solid foundation so that when a crisis does come about, we have a respectful relationship with the media to where they won’t abuse us. Of course this relationship is always being worked on. I stress to our staff that we have to always be positive and helpful in getting the media what they need, while also making them understand that sometimes there are limitations. This approach has been very successful so far and has helped us even in some trying times.

What do you like most about your job? What do you dislike about the job?

I love being able to work with students who are also athletes. 90 percent of the student-athletes here will not compete professionally and it is nice to see how hard they work to just have those four years to compete before they enter the real world and take on normal jobs. I’ve had experience in professional sports, in BCS DI athletic departments and in DII athletic departments and I really enjoy where I’ve landed. I feel like I have an opportunity to make a difference, even in a small way, on how a student-athlete’s experience is and that means a lot.

I would say that one thing that has been challenging, as I’ve been getting older is the traveling. I recently got married and am not looking toward the future and wanting to plan a family and the only obstacle that I see is that my job requires a decent amount of travel that would make it tough to raise a family.


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