Two different experiences in store service & social media presentations (using Twitter) with Home Depot & Lowes.

by admin on May 29, 2009

Updated 2010 version, “A year later, another look at Home Depot and Lowes….



The other day I was sitting back, thinking of things that I needed to do in order to get ready for Memorial Day weekend. Two places that I spend a lot of time throughout the year are Lowe’s & Home Depot. I enjoy spending my time at both places, but I have to say I enjoy spending my time more at Lowe’s then HD (Home Depot). Why? The customer service, product selection, staff & cleanliness here in Rochester is much better at Lowe’s. Maybe it’s different in other cities, but I find if I ever have a question, I can usually find a Lowe’s associate much faster and more helpful then I can at HD.  Sometimes there’s an exception, but for the most part I find this to be true. How are your in-store experiences with Lowe’s & HD?

I also notice that because I like my experiences more at Lowe’s I end up spending more there.  Just ask my wife. I like how clean Lowe’s is and how much easier it is to find products. Most of my neighbors and friends have the same opinion about the two stores. If I need something quickly I may end up going to HD, but more times then not I’ll end up going to Lowe’s.

Home Depot

Home Depot

Now if you visit both of their twitter accounts’ (@Lowes & @HomeDepot), I’m more impressed with what HD is doing with their twitter account then Lowe’s. HD’s customer service is much more impressive. HD has been using YouTube to show case projects that you can do around the house , eLearning videos & much more. I did notice that the Lowe’s account (1409 followers) seems to be newer and they’re trying to catch up to HD (with over 7K followers). HD is also much more interactive and responsive with others, posting back answers to questions and much more informative & interactive. I hope to see many new exciting things with Lowe’s in the future.

I will say Lowe’s and HD are providing great customer service in their own way. Kudos to both of the people running their accounts (Jesse @Lowes & Sarah @HomeDepot). They’re both doing a great job!

In closing, I have to say my online experience is changing my views of both companies. Will it change my shopping preferences, maybe? Time will tell. I’m very impressed by the quick responses I’ve gotten with Sarah @HomeDepot and I look forward to seeing some changes at the local HD store. As time goes on, I think Lowes will get better on Twitter and I’m looking forward to that.

What are your thoughts on these two companies using Twitter? I’d love to hear your comments!

Coming up, I’ll go more in depth on how HD impresses me with their social media presence in the next blog.

I hope you had a great Memorial Day weekend with your family and friends. I wanted to pass along my congrats to the Syracuse Men’s Lacrosse team for winning the NCAA tournament 2 years in row on Memorial Day! And to all of our troops – thank you!

If you enjoyed reading this post, check out the 2010 version “A year later, another look at Home Depot and Lowes….”

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Mike McDermott May 29, 2009 at 8:55 pm

I like that you looked at Lowes and HD. We have both in our market and just like you I have found STARTLING differences in services they provide. You would think that since they are so large that they would try to make sure that the deficiencies in service were not so glaring! Nice work..

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