The Harbaugh Brothers

by dmcsorley on February 1, 2013

It’s John Harbaugh vs Jim Harbaugh. What a great way to share together. It will be great bragging rights “Hey, please pass the turkey. Didn’t so and so play like a turkey when we beat you guys in the superbowl”. Haha. All seriousness aside, I think it’s awesome that these two brothers are playing against each other. Both are very deserving of winning the Superbowl. Both coaches have improved their teams over the past few years. John Harbaugh, HC of the Ravens has great success turning his team around. The Ravens have made the playoffs since he started coaching for them. Jim Harbaugh, the HC of the 49ers has been at the helm the last 3 years and he’s really changed the culture of the team around. It’s been amazing to see. They’ve made the NFC title game now two years in a row and the 49ers are finally in the Superbowl for the first time since 1994.

For the first time every during a Superbowl Friday press conference, the NFL decided to have opposing coaches interview at the same time. Here’s the video from today:

Here’s the link from the NFL.

I think both coaches have outstanding qualities and I’ll be interested to see which team wins and why? Like I said on Thursday, in my keys to the 49ers winning (provide link) I think the 49ers have a overall more talented team but that doesn’t mean it will be a win for the 49ers. What ever coaching staff has their team more prepared will win. It comes down to the players making the plays but also, the players have to be put in the right spots. I’m excited to see how each Harbaugh will prepare his team for battle. Jim and John, best of luck to you and your teams!



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