Keys to what each SuperBowl team needs to do

by dmcsorley on January 31, 2013

As I briefly talked about in my two blog postings on Tuesday and Wednesday regarding the Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers .. today I’ll talk more in depth about the keys to the Ravens and 49ers winning the Superbowl.

Keys for the Ravens:

  1. Get Ray Rice involved early. One of the keys will be to get Rice involved early in the game. It will be no surprise to anybody that one of the keys for the Ravens to win, is Ray Rice needs to have near 100 yards rushing and some early success with the screen plays.
  2. Joe Flacco! It all depends on how accurate Flacco is on Sunday for the Ravens to win. If they can get Ray Rice involved early, this will take less pressure off of him. It’s a big game and he’s proved this year that he can take care of business. He can air it out like in the Denver game or play more conservative like he did against the Pats as well.
  3. The Ravens defense! They struggle at times in the playoffs, but they make the stops when needed. Since they have Ray Lewis and Suggs back, they’ve been playing like a different defense. Will they be able to stop Kaepernick, Gore and the rest of the 49ers? I’m not sure, but they maybe able to slow the down enough in order to win.
  4. Special teams! Can the Ravens special teams make some big plays for the Ravens to win? If they can have a solid day, then I can see them winning the Superbowl. We’ll see how Jacoby Jones can do on Superbowl Sunday. He only had 32 yards against New England. If he can get around 60 to 80 yards on kick and punt returns, I think the Ravens win the game.
  5. John Harbaugh! Will he have the troops ready. This is his first Superbowl! I believe he will have his troops ready, plus you have the experience of Ray Lewis to help. That’s one benefit on his side. I think he will have his guys ready.

Keys for the 49ers:

  1. Colin Kaepernick! How will he play in his first Superbowl? Tons of pressure, but I believe this guy can handle it. If he plays well, can have over 100 yards rushing (yes, rushing) and over 200 yards passing, the 49ers will win this game. If the Ravens struggle stopping him then he will light them up all day and it will be a very long day for the Ravens. He needs to play mistake free – no turnovers in order to win the Superbowl.
  2. The 49ers defense! Will they be able to contain the potent Ravens offense? They need to stop the receiving crew of the Ravens: Smith, Boldin and Pita. As well as keying on Ray Rice too. If they can contain Ray Rice to under 100 yards rushing and receiving then they will win this game.
  3. How will the 49ers receivers play against the Ravens defense? Last week Vernon Davis had 106 yards receiving with one TD. Who will step up on Superbowl Sunday? The receiving core has to make it easier for Kaepernick.
  4. Frank Gore! Last week, he had 2 TDs and 90 yards rushing. How will he play this week? I can see him rushing for over 100 yards against the Ravens. This will be a major key for the 49ers to win on Sunday.
  5. Jim Harbaugh! He’s played in many big games before. He will have his guys ready. I believe they have more talent with the 49ers but they are younger. It comes down to will they be ready and prepared. I think Jim Harbaugh will have them ready.

There you have it. Some of the keys for both the Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers as well. What do you think? Is there any other keys you would add?


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