NFL Divisional Championship!

by dmcsorley on January 16, 2013

First off, as you know I went 0 – 4 last weekend. I’m not sure I should even choose teams this weekend but I will!! :)

The first game is the NFC Divisional Game between the San Francisco 49ers and Atlanta Falcons – It’s #1 vs #2!!! I think this game will be close but honestly it could go either way as far as a close game or blow out. I think both teams have that in them. San Francisco has a better defense but they have a really good offense now as well. The biggest question, can Atlanta get to Colin Kaepernick this weekend? He made the Green Bay defense look silly. If he has near or over 100 yards rushing then that answer is no, Atlanta couldn’t stop him and they win the game. I look for Atlanta to pound the ball with their backs like they did against Seattle and air it out when needed. They looked great in the first half against the Seahawks but came back down to earth in the second half until Matt Ryan was able to drive them down the field for the winning field goal. If that happens again in the second half, they’re in trouble. I look for the home field to play a factor in this game. Like I said before, this game could go either way. I like both teams. I’d like to see San Francisco in the SuperBowl but I think I’m going to go with Atlanta by 3 in this game. If Atlanta figures out Kaepernick and can stop him, then I think Atlanta will win but if not the 49ers will win. It should be a great game and I’m excited for this one.

The second game of the day is between the New England Patriots and the team not many people including me thought would be in the AFC Championship, the Baltimore Ravens. We all know New England will be ready for this game! They’ve had great success playing at home in the AFC Championship and many experts are picking them to win the game. They have a solid defense now and we all know Tom Brady can throw the ball. If Baltimore can get in Brady’s face, then I think it will be a tough day for the Pats. I respect the Pats for all that they’ve done in the last 8 to 10 years but I’d love to see a new team in the Superbowl. Yes, I know as a Steelers fan, I really don’t like both teams. But I know both of these teams especially the Ravens since the Steelers played them twice this year. We saw the Ravens struggle at one point of their season going 1 and 3. The answer? They fired their offense coach and promoted Jim Caldwell. It took a few weeks but their offense looks better. Great at some points, ok at other points. Joe Flacco had a great game against a questionable Denver’s secondary. Yes, the Broncos should have won. If Denver didn’t give up the TD with 30 secs left, they could have won that game. But I truly believe everything happens for a reason. This Ravens team is different since Ray Lewis announced he’s retiring! They love the underdog mentality … this team will be fired up! No doubt about it. New England has a great run defense but struggles to stop the pass. The Ravens will need Ray Rice to win this game… if he’s involved in the game then I see the Ravens winning this game. But if New England can stop Ray Rice both in the running and passing game, it could be a long game for Joe Flacco and company. This game should be great. I’m super excited for both games this coming weekend. Who do I pick in the AFC title game… I’m going with the Ravens by a point. They want revenge for last year and they actually have a good kicker that can kick the ball for them. I say the Baltimore Ravens by 1.

What’s your take on the games this weekend? Do you agree or disagree?

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