The top 5 reasons why Home Depot is impressing me on Twitter!

by admin on June 2, 2009

As I reflected back on my last post (Two different experiences in-store service & social media presentations (using Twitter) with Home Depot & Lowes.), I wanted to talk in this post on how Home Depot (HD) is impressing me with their social media presence. 

 1. HD cares about its customers! 

First off, from Sarah’s (HD’s poster) tweets on Twitter I can really see HD cares and wants to be involved with how they can improve their stores. See the tweet below - 

 @blankuser “we’re investing in improvements to customer service & inventory mgmt. Your feedbk helps us locate areas that need more help…”

 From HomeDepot @dougmcsorley “Yes! everywhere. All associates have been through new training (me too!). Tell me what you’ve run into and I’ll pass it along”

5:31 PM May 26th from web in reply to dougmcsorley

When you hear immediate feedback from the company, it makes the customer feel like their being heard & knows that the company is looking into their issues. In my last post, I talked about how I normally shop at the Lowe’s in our area because I enjoy the experience more and find the staff much more helpful. But from my conversation with HD, it sounds like they’re trying to improve the in-store experience and I’m excited to see the changes at our local store. 

 2. We’re sorry we messed up, how can we fix it?  

HD seems to be focused on the customer and the concerns seem genuine. See the posting below- 

@blankuser “I’m sorry to hear that – we’ve been making imprvments. I gather feedback and pass it along. Try us again soon”

We know from time to time companies mess up. However, it is how the company reacts and fixes that issue, that is sometimes more important. From the HD postings, they are really using Twitter well to help resolve those customers’ issues. As more people start using Twitter, I think this will be a huge benefit for company’s to use Twitter. 

The most important step for companies thinking about using Twitter is to have a social media plan before starting. In order to be successful a plan is necessary to make sure everybody is on board. Remember that 40% drop-off right after the start; I talked about in the last post. Sounds familiar? Not only do they have to commit to using those tools on a regular basis and build their relationships with their customers, but they also must monitor what their customers are saying about them.  Tools like Techrigy’s monitoring application is key to companies succeeding in the social media world. HD is doing a great job at building their relationships with their customers and keeping us updated on changes within the company on a regular basis.

It’s also great to see postings like this from Sarah regarding what’s being said within the HD corporate walls. I think this is a truly awesome message and I really liked reading this from her before Memorial Day weekend -

Our CEO just reminded us all to remember the meaning of Memorial Day and read the names of 10 HD associates who made the ultimate sacrifice”

5:31 PM May 22nd from web

 3. Posting how-to videos, allowing customers to learn!  

 The how-to videos on Twitter (via YouTube) are great and very helpful. 

How can companies grow their customers knowledge on their products? What better way then using YouTube to show how they can use their products. Growing up I remember HD was one of the first lumber stores to have “How to” clinics to show their customers ways to use their products, build different things and much more (which they still run). What better way then to show them online now? It’s truly an awesome idea. I think this is great, as a homeowner I find it really informative and highly useful. 

 4. Informative & helpful postings! 

Many companies on Twitter are just posting about sales, themselves or other things. HD is doing a great job at standing out above the crowd. They know that one to one relationships are key to a successful Twitter experience. HD posts about interesting facts, things that followers can use to improve their homes and more. 

 @blankUserGreat project for your climate, save water & time. To remove the grass you need to get ready to dig! Or rent a sod cutter from us”

 I knew you could rent tools from HD, but I’ve never even heard of a sod cutter before. 

 HD is also letting customers know about on going in shop workshops. 

“Another great way to use Twitter to help promote your brand. Free tonight? Attend a Free ‘Do It Herself’ workshop. We’ll talk about growing and maintaining your yard The Home Depot Home Improver Club. “

 Notice how their promoting the HD Home Improver Club

 5. Give us feedback on how we can improve our company. We’re listening! 

Finally, they want feedback from users regarding their stores and website. Brilliant! Listen to our customers and see what we can change. It’s fast, free and you can talk directly to your customers. How cool is that? 

 @blankUserGreat! We don’t have a spot on our website yet but that’s a great idea. You can tell me the store location and I’ll pass along fdbk”

What company, sports team, individual, etc has impressed you with their interaction on twitter, facebook or other social media websites? Post your comments below. 

I hope you enjoyed this posting. As I was doing my last post about HD & Lowe’s, I found out many ways that HD was really impressing me & I wanted to share them with you. Maybe you learned something more about ways to use Twitter better as I have & I hope it helps you on your path to success on using Twitter. I think HD is doing an great job at it. Awesome job Sarah! I’d like to see more companies use Twitter in this way & I think we will in due time. That’s all for now folks. Thanks for reading & have a great week. @dougmcsorley

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Wendy Boyce June 2, 2009 at 8:08 am

Doug another good post! Large corporation should feel remiss not to get involved with Social Media and get directly acquainted with their customers. How else can one improve if they don’t listen to their customers?

In our business, we have to listen to what our web site is telling us in order to improve it – in retail, the same rule apply!

Thanks for sharing these thought!


Dina Natale June 2, 2009 at 2:15 pm

Is that Sarah Molinari from HD? I know her! She does the whole facebook thing also!

Jeff Marmins June 3, 2009 at 5:48 pm

Doug – great post and a thorough example of a major consumer driven business using social media tools in great ways. it sure doesn’t seem that hard, does it? Is it just the shift in paradigm that needs to occur over time? Why don’t more companies embrace this – like right now!

dmcsorley June 3, 2009 at 6:57 pm

Thanks Jeff for the posting. I really appreciate. I couldn’t agree with you more. Please keep in touch. :)

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